How Leadership Coaching Can Help Change Initiatives Succeed When the Odds Are Stacked Against Them

The decision to make a change has to start with leadership, but that leader must first ensure their organization has a solid foundation. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching can help them get there.

More than 85% of organizations across the U.S. have attempted to make major changes over the last few years throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but studies show only a few of those initiatives actually succeeded, with at least 70% considered a failure.

The decision to pivot or make a transformation within an organization begins with leadership, and it’s incumbent on them to drive that change initiative with the people who will make it happen: their team.

“Change really begins with vision,” said Dennis Pierce, a Master-Certified Coach with Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® (ILEC). “You’re moving from the status quo to a desired state, and 100% of the time when those missions fail, it’s because of a lack of vision — and I put that squarely on the shoulders of leadership.”

With decades of experience and as a partner with ILEC — the world’s top executive coaching franchise with decades of coaching success — Pierce and his fellow coaches are equipped with the knowledge and tools to set change initiatives on a course for success.

“Change initiatives really need to resonate within the employees of the organization so it ignites their motivation,” Pierce said. “If you can ignite that excitement within your team, the possibilities are endless.”

Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?

While the blame for an initiative’s failure ultimately rests with the leader, ILEC coach Ted Turner says “often a lack of commitment on the leader’s part can be the catalyst for the organization’s downfall.”

“Good leadership is crucial to correcting all the unexpected problems that arise,” Turner said. “Sometimes leaders get excited about an idea and they get a flash of inspiration, but they don’t do their due diligence to see if it’s really going to accomplish what the company needs, and sometimes it just doesn’t align with the existing culture.”

“Sometimes, Turner said, a company may be suffering from organizational fatigue — a situation where too much change is being pushed at once and the resources just aren’t there to see it through.”

“You cannot have a successful initiative if it doesn’t start from the top and stay consistent,” Turner said. “A lot of leaders have their heart in the right place, but they’re not prepared to be honest with themselves about the personal effort it’s going to take, how long and what the effort is going to be to sustain it.”

How Can Leaders Ensure Their Changes Will Succeed?

Pierce and Turner agree: If a leader wants to achieve success with their change initiative, they have to take a good look at their foundation. Before making any cultural shifts, be sure everything is functioning properly within the organization’s structure.

“Take an honest look at the foundation you have and decide if it will support the change,” Turner said. “If it won’t, determine whether you’re willing as a leader to do the work to get rid of what’s not supportive before you make any new changes.”

“A change initiative won’t have sustainable, successful results if there isn’t consistency from good leadership”, Pierce said. “Once a leader has made a commitment to a change initiative within their organization, it then comes down to the mindset and transforming that mindset in every individual on the team.”

“That way, all employees understand not only what that vision is, but now they’re also beginning to feel it,” said Pierce. “So, when that leader shifts that mindset and really begins to touch the mind and the heart of those team members, then you begin to see the vision take off and you begin to see a change in behavior.”

How Can ILEC Help Leaders Implement Change?

A recent Gallup poll found only 18% of managers demonstrate a talent for managing and mentoring others — which means 82% of managers are not adept at leading people. This lack of leadership costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually.

ILEC’s purpose is to accelerate the development of these leaders while helping organizations build and sustain strong cultures. Launched in 2010 by award-winning executive coaching authority John Mattone and franchising legend Terry Powell, ILEC offers a suite of award-winning training, certification and proprietary tools that allow the brand to measure its program’s ROI.

“When we, as coaches, start to implement these diagnostic tools, we can see when a culture isn’t there to support a big change,” Turner said. “The diagnostics really help us get to the point to figure out whether the foundation of a company will support change initiatives. And then as we build the foundation, we have tools that are proven to track progress and how to get an organization to buy in and how to assess steps along the way. We’re there from the feasibility study all the way through to the completion.”

ILEC coaches go through six rigorous training programs for their Master Certification.  Most importantly, ILEC’s training equips coaches with the ability to hold leaders accountable, especially through a challenging change initiative.

“ILEC gives leaders a better chance of success by hiring an experienced coach to help them through the high points and the low points,” Pierce said. “An effective executive coach is somebody who can come in with an objective point of view and begin to help unlock what’s inside. Only the leader can make that change, but ILEC coaches provide extra critique from a high level of experience.”

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